Pimples on Scalp: Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Acne

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Pimples on Scalp: Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Acne

Tea Tree Oil Fights Acne

Tea Tree Oil is an anti-bacterial, and is often recommended to be used on facial acne as well as back and chest acne. However, what many people don’t know is that scalp acne can also be fought by using a tea tree oil shampoo. Making sure your hair gets the best treatment will help maintain clear skin under it.

Pimples on scalp often form when sebum production in the body is high, and the hair on an individual’s head becomes oily. When not only the skin but the hair is oily, irritation occurs and creates a breeding ground for pimples and bumps to form. Regular washing of hair is not good enough, if that was the case nobody would have a problem with scalp acne. This is where tea tree oil shampoo for acne comes into play.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Combats Scalp Acne

Purchasing tea tree oil shampoo will provide the anti-bacterial (chemical terepinen-4-ol) effects of tea tree oil. Not only, but good tea tree oil brands are pH balanced for helping skin become clean and natural. The shampoo reduces pimples on scalp by reducing oily build-up that clogs pores and helps with other problems such as flaking. Most importantly, tea tree oil shampoo will reduce the number of inflamed and non-inflamed lesions that populate the scalp area. Although less visible, non-inflamed lesions are often just as troubling on your scalp because they itch constantly.

You do not need to wash with tea tree oil shampoo every time you shower, but a recommended 2-3 times a week is necessary to see results. Anybody who has ever used benzoyl peroxide on acne on their body or face will be happy to hear that tea tree oil shampoo has been found to fight scalp bumps in much the same manner. Applied regularly it will kill the bacteria that come to form scalp acne, but without the side-effects of benzoyl peroxide (such as dryness and irritation).

Why is Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Acne Recommended?

Pimples on scalp, much like pimples elsewhere, may be fought with similar methods. Nonetheless, there are some products that are unique to a particular body part. For example, harsher ingredients that may be a problem for your face are fine when dealing with your back. Similarly, some products are just made for a particular body part. The perfect example is shampoo, used specifically for the hair on your head and your scalp. Because tea tree oil shampoo is a great natural shampoo for your hair, and has the added benefits of fighting scalp acne with a known acne fighting agent (tea tree oil), you may as well kill two birds with one stone. You’ll watch the texture of your hair improve, but most importantly, that hair will have an acne free scalp underneath.

As always, buy a tea tree oil shampoo brand that uses natural ingredients! Our most recommended tea tree oil shampoo is the below Paul Mitchell brand. It is not the cheapest tea tree oil shampoo but the reviews speak for themselves.

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