Zinc Acne? Yes, Zinc to Fight Acne!

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Zinc Acne? Yes, Zinc to Fight Acne!

Zinc Gets Rid of Your Acne Fast

Most people don’t understand the role that zinc plays in getting rid of their pimples. Whether you have pimples on head, pimples on face, pimples on chest or back, or pimples on scalp, there is one vitamin that does more than any other in helping fight acne. That vitamin is zinc.

Benefits of Zinc on Acne

Taking a zinc supplement to fight acne is imperative to seeing results. You can clear any acne-prone body area by supplementing with zinc on a daily basis. Zinc can even help with acne scars, because it is essential to skin and hair health. It is often used as an oral supplement to help make sure that an individual does not develop scars when they have scabs.

Zinc’s most important function as it relates to acne, however, is controlling sebum production. By supplementing with zinc, acne does not have the environment it needs to develop on the skin (whether on the face, back, or scalp). Oily skin is often experienced by many people who struggle with pimples. By using zinc, the amount of sebum your body produces is lowered, inhibiting the likelihood of acne formation.

Zinc also contains anti-oxidants that fight free radicals (damage healthy skin cells). High amount of free radicals have been shown to aggravate acne in acne-prone individuals.

Not Every Zinc Capsule is Made Equal

When buying a zinc brand, make sure that you buy one that has the best absorbing zinc as its main ingredient. The better zinc is absorbed by your body, the more effective it will be at fighting acne. The best type of zinc to get is Opti-L-Zinc. A few companies produce this brand and it is easy to find, it comes with 30mg per capsule strength.

Effective Zinc Dosage

Take the zinc capsules twice daily (morning and night). Take each capsule after you have ate (to not upset your stomach). To fight acne and pimples, make sure to take 50-60mg per day. If you use the L-OptiZinc 30mg capsules, one capsule morning and night will be perfect.

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