Vitamin D3 Pimples Treatment: How Vitamin D3 Helps Reduce Pimples

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Vitamin D3 Pimples Treatment: How Vitamin D3 Helps Reduce Pimples

Vitamin D3 Fights the Cause of Acne

Most people do not understand the role that our own bodies play in helping acne form. The most important component of fighting acne, unknown to many, is the fight to heal your body from the inside. Vitamin D3 supplementation strikes at the core of pimple formation by helping to inhibit acne from developing. That is why the vitamin d3 pimples treatment is vital in your fight with acne.

Have you noticed how tanning often gets rid of pimples? You sit in the sun in the summer, get a nice red foundation, and look clearer than ever? The sun provides ample Vitamin D to our bodies during the summer because we are out and about, exposed to its rays. However, once summer goes away, most people lack Vitamin D and need to supplement in order to get the right amount. This Vitamin D supplementation works to kill acne bacteria in much the same way as the sun, when we need it most (winter).

In order to get the best Vitamin D results in combating pimples, a Vitamin “D3″ supplement needs to be purchased.¬†Vitamin D-3¬†is an active form, and has often been used as an approved treatment of psoriasis (inflammatory skin disease). The most problematic acne is also comprised of inflamed lesions. Vitamin D3 has been demonstrated to have the ability to break up comedones to open clogged pores as well. Clogged pores (due to excessive sebum production) are the prime factor in pimple formation.

Vitamin D3 Dosing

A good dose of Vitamin D3 supplementation is anywhere from 1000UI to 5000UI. Vary the dosage until results can be seen. To start, it is recommended to be at the higher end before dosage amount can be lowered (also known as a maintenance level). A good supplement “stack” for pimples is often Vitamin D3 and Zinc. They both work together to fight sebum production in general and are often most effective for people who suffer from hormonal acne.



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