Beta Carotene Acne Treatment Benefits

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Beta Carotene Acne Treatment Benefits

Beta Carotene Acne Treatment Prevents Pimples

For all the talk about acne and how diet is important, it is important to keep in mind that avoiding certain foods isn’t the only part of the acne and diet equation. Eating certain foods can help fight pimples as well. This is especially true when dealing with scalp pimples. Introducing beta-carotene, a carotenoid that your body converts to Vitamin A. If you’ve ever heard of retinol cream prescribed by a doctor to someone with pimples, Vitamin A is an integral ingredient. Although that is a topical acne solution, supplementation with beta-carotene can do you one better.

Beta Carotene’s Role with Acne

Whether you have scalp acne, acne on your face, or acne on your body, supplementing with beta-carotene can do wonders for your skin. The beta carotene acne treatment has a very important component. Vitamin A is essential for a healthy immune system and provides for healthier skin by eliminating free radicals. These, over time, damage skin cells and only exacerbate pimples. However, one may question why there is a need to supplement with beta-carotene instead of simply Vitamin A, if the former is converted by the body into the latter. The reason for this is simple, the body only uses as much beta-carotene as it needs. If you supplement with Vitamin A directly, you’re force-feeding your body more than it might need. Without knowing the limit, this might have toxic effects. Why bother when beta-carotene is available?

Now, many places that talk about beta-carotene and its help with acne, usually talk about the basics. Yes, beta-carotene provides anti-oxidants. Yes, beta-carotene reduces inflammation so your pimples don’t look as big and red as they might. However, what’s so special about beta-carotene and what it does for scalp acne, or acne in general?

Beta Carotene Acne Treatment Reduces Sebum

Giving your body enough beta-carotene, and therefore Vitamin A, helps limit the amount of sebum it produces. Sebum is the oil that comes out of your skin’s pores, and is largely responsible for pimples. This is especially true on your scalp, where not only your skin’s pores are oily but this oil extends onto your hair. That’s double the trouble, a perfect breeding ground for pimples on scalp.

What also reduces sebum is Zinc, another supplement that should be a staple in your acne fighting regimen. However, the two should not be taken together as zinc lowers the effectiveness of beta-carotene absorption by the body. Give it some time in between taking the two if you want to supplement with both.

Foods with Beta Carotene

NOW Beta Carotene Softgels (link below)¬†are a good brand for beta carotene supplementation. However, if you are not a fan of supplements in pill form, there are also foods you can eat to get a great amount of beta-carotene. Highly popular is carrot juice. One glass a day is plenty. Of course, snacking on carrots is a good option too. Other foods include cantaloupe, spinach, and sweet potatoes. However, keep in mind you have to be consistent. If you choose the food route, make sure you’re always keeping these foods in your diet.

As with anything that involves healing your body from the inside of scalp acne or pimples elsewhere, you have to give it at least a few weeks. Changes to the outside of your skin from the inside take time. Be patient, the rewards will be great for pimple treatment.



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