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Scalp Acne

Problem of Scalp Acne


The problem of scalp pimples is not too uncommon, but not nearly as common as a case of facial acne either. While acne usually arises in the face and areas around it, the case of acne on the scalp is not considered to be an anomaly. Basically, a case of scalp acne is characterized by the development of pimples on scalp that can be itchy, sore and painful. Usually, the associated causes of scalp pimples are trite and common, and nothing to worry about in most cases. However, when the condition of pimples on scalp gets too worse, you should think about visiting a dermatologist. Before that, here are some remedies that you can try at home for fixing a case of pimples on scalp.

Getting Rid of Pimples on Scalp

For getting rid of pimples on scalp, you need to follow some basic steps. Before anything else, you should ensure cleanliness and hygiene in this area. Through this, you would be taking care of a lot of bacteria and mites that are responsible for a lot many cases of pimples on scalp. It should be kept in mind that the treatment should be pursued with a mild shampoo only as such a shampoo would not lead to any adverse effects. Some anti dandruff shampoos are known to be extremely effective in dealing with pimples around the scalp region, and you should make use of them. A great shampoo to fight scalp acne is Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. It is an anti-bacterial that inhibits the formation of pimples and fights those already formed.

You should also avoid the use of hair cosmetics that have an oily base. It has been observed that most cases of pimples on scalp arise in oily hair and scalp. Sometimes, conditioners are also help responsible for the formation of pimples on scalp, and you should avoid them for some time. In case there is an improvement in the condition after abstaining from these conditioners, you should stop their use altogether.

How to Prevent Pimples on Scalp

As always, prevention is much better than treatment and cure. You should avoid the use of oily hair cosmetics that can lead to the problem of pimples on scalp. Further, keeping a good hygiene would help you in preventing a case of scalp pimples. You should try and make use of a mild shampoo on a regular basis as it would help in keeping your hair free from major causes of scalp pimples, like dirt, grime, bacteria and mites.

For more information on how best to combat pimples in this region, visit our Basics of Scalp Acne Treatment article!



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