Scalp Bumps

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Scalp Bumps

Painful Scalp Bumps


In case you are suffering from painful scalp bumps, you need to visit your dermatologist for the assessment of these bumps. Usually,  these bumps form when a regular case of scalp acne goes bad. There is persistent infection in the scalp and it extends from the pimples on scalp to the formation of lesions and bumps. In most cases, you would find that these bumps would be sore and painful, making regular washing activities uncomfortable. In order to avoid these problems, you would have to take steps for controlling the pimples on scalp. Here are some ways through which you can handle a regular case of scalp acne and prevent the pimples on scalp from turning into something sore and painful.

Treating Pimples on Scalp at Home

In order to treat pimples on scalp at home, you would have to follow some simple steps. These steps usually comprise of simple washing and cleaning techniques that would help you overcome a regular case of pimples on scalp. For example, using a mild shampoo on a regular basis can help in restoring the pH levels in the scalp, and washing away the bacteria that can lead to the formation of scalp bumps. These mild shampoos also ensure that the right hygiene is maintained and the oil based components are removed from the scalp altogether. Oil is one major reason that can lead to the formation of scalp acne. Avoiding hair cosmetics with oil based ingredients is a big step that you can take for preventing a case of pimples on scalp. Further, using shampoos that wash away these oil based ingredients can help you in overcoming the problem of pimples on scalp. If none of these methods leads to substantial results, you should visit your dermatologist for an accurate analysis of these bumps that appear on your scalp.

Scalp Disorders

When none of the regular methods of treating pimples on scalp prove successful, you would have to take the help of a dermatologist. The dermatologist would take a look at your scalp and would estimate the chances of scalp disorders. Sometimes, scalp disorders can lead to the formation of pimples on scalp as their first symptom. With time, these scalp disorders get worse and prove to be a nuisance. Through proper analysis of scalp bumps in the initial phase, you can identify and address scalp disorders effectively.

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